The Scent of Safety - Rosemoore enters a new Territory

From once believed to be a rare luxury, fragrances are now becoming an integral part of the Indian lifestyle. Perfumes, oils, home fragrances, diffusers, scent sachets are now actively used in Indian households. Not only are perfumes believed to be the emblem of individual persona invoking unique remembrance & emotions, but are also used in homes, offices, and other public places, rendering a pleasing aroma and a rejuvenating feel. By using quality home fragrances one can indulge in unparalleled sensory experiences, feel fresh, and recharge them.

However, fragrances have much more to it. They are no more just a lifestyle product, as bundling them with the right innovations- can give them a multipurpose and multi-faceted role to play.

That’s what Rosemoore, the popular Indian fragrance brand has proved. Rosemoore has introduced new product lines mixed with germ-fighting substances that can prevent the spread of the virus and kill them up to 99.8%. It can define a new line of defence against the deadly disease.

Rosemoore enters a new Territory –  Fight Against the Perennial Coronavirus

In a short period, Rosemoore has carved a distinct niche in the Home Fragrance segment in India. Rosemoore home fragrance products such as reed diffusers, electronic diffusers, sachets, refills are now seen everywhere. The brand is known for flawless, pure, and exotic English fragrances meant for true fragrance lovers.

However, the brand is taking its fragrances to the next level, by equipping them to fight against the COVID crisis. By actively integrating the products with anti-corona substances, these fragrances can fight and prevent the spread of the deadly disease. Laboratory experiments have shown that Rosemoore home fragrances such as diffusers & refills can kill up to 99.8% of COVID viruses.

The Scent of Safety

By offering a viable alternative to stop the spread of the perennial coronavirus, Rosemoore home fragrances can now safely be called the “scent of safety”. These fragrances, laced with Corona fighting substances can now be seamlessly used in the home, offices, gyms, public places, ATMs alongside retail places to fight and resist the spread of the deadly disease.

As chances of airborne infection have also been witnessed during recent weeks, the importance of diffusers will further rise. These diffusers can be used to spread anti-COVID substances in the air to stop, immobilize, & prevent the growth of the virus in the air itself.

CEO Message

Speaking on the latest development, Mr. Ankit Kansal, Founder & MD, Rosemoore said that since its inception, Rosemoore has been an innovation-driven brand. Our products are unique, premium, & at the same time are not outrageously charged. A mere whiff of these unique aromas can make one feel rejuvenated and powerful.

Now we have taken our innovation a step further by integrating corona fighting chemicals with our usual offerings that can kill up to 99.8% of viruses. Till the times the vaccines are not out, using our fragrance can offer a suitable line of defence. These are effective, side-effect free, and natural.

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