About US

Rosemoore, established in 2007, is an English home fragrance brand and has been hugely successful across the UK and Europe and is now becoming a brand of choice in India as well. It was brought into India by Renaissance Creations Pvt. Ltd.

The Rosemoore product range is luxurious yet affordable and ensures that we are able to cater to the varied needs of our wide Indian customer base. We combine the exclusive Rosemoore fragrances with high quality scented products and our beautifully packaged products are designed to suit all ambiences, be it home, offices, spa's or malls. We also have dedicated offerings for the hospitality & corporate sectors.

Our refreshing fragrances cater to the different moods and environs where these can be used. The fragrances reflect influences from around the world and offer an exotic mix of scents which can be chosen by our customers based on their sensory properties, viz, for a soothing experience, our Lavender Blue brings the calm and soothing feel that you need; or for a more invigorating fragrance, you can choose our Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime fragrance.

We carry five main fragrance categories: floral, fruity, spicy, citrusy and woody with enriching fragrances in each category. Rosemoore is dedicated towards developing beautiful scents that evoke special memories and favourite occasions for its customers.


Don’t keep Rosemoore to yourself only!! The beautiful packaging, and gift sets options are all designed to create the perfect gift for your family and friends, for any occasion.

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