• Scented Room Spray

    Scented Room Spray

    Scented room spray is ideal for giving an instant burst of fragrance to the home.


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  • Scented Reed Diffuser

    Scented Reed Diffuser

    A long lasting, highly effective way to fragrance the home as the fragranced oil is absorbed b...

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  • Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil

    Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil

    Refill you diffuser or create your own diffuser with this fragrance oil refill. Fragranced oil...

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  • Scented Home Fragrance Oil

    Scented Home Fragrance Oil

    A versatile, concentrated scented oil that can be used in oil burners, as well as for refreshi...

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  • Scented Pot Pourri

    Scented Pot Pourri

    Hand selected pot pourri, carefully blended with fragranced oil to produce a long lasting prod...

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  • Scent Sack

    Scent Sack

    Clean and cool, this fresh, floral accord has notes of soft musks and powdery ozone on a base ...

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  • Scented Pillar Candle

    Scented Pillar Candle

    A popular wax candle that is hand poured and fragranced throughout for a long lasting fragranc...

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  • Scented Tea Lights

    Scented Tea Lights

    Versatile little candles that can be used in a wide range of tea light holders and lanterns, a...

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  • Car & Travel Spray

    Car & Travel Spray


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