Scented Reed Diffuser White Jasmine

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reed diffuser

A heady and sensual blend of rich, night blooming jasmine, warm tuberose and voluptuous red rose.

Invigorate your mood with the refreshing scent of this White Jasmine Scented Reed Diffuser. Sporting a perpetual aroma of White Jasmine, it lends your living space a delightful fragrance. This is undeniably one of the most prevalent scents because of the genius cocktail of appealing ingredients that make it smell so divine like a blossoming flower.
White Jasmine is a lush floral scent for an exotic allure. Experience the sensuality of night blooming jasmine, the striking indulgence of warm tuberose, and the exotic voluptuous red rose blended together. Scented Reed Diffuser White Jasmine is symbolic to the subtlety of the first blossom and the addictive lushness of it in full blossom.
The Aroma Reed Diffuser is a good idea for offices, home, hotels and most settings where candles aren’t allowable. Generally, one reed diffuser will be ample for an average room of 150 - 200 sq. ft. For large rooms and open areas, you can improve it with another reed diffuser, or set out potpourri or oil burners from our collection. 
This gorgeous extravaganza has no flame or heat. Even in your absence the diffuser is absolutely safe while it emanates the oil. It is best to flip reeds every 3 days. To initiate the floral smelling fragrance, you simply need to remove the stopper from the bottle, replacing it with the white collar and then insert the reeds into the diffuser oil. 
The amount of the fragrance can be controlled by the number of reeds and frequency at which you flip it. Fragrance Reed Diffuser is one of the greatest products for gifting your beloved ones for various occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Easter, New Year, House Warming Party, Thank You Occasions, Corporate Party, et al.
Once opened, the diffuser should last you approximately 2.5 months. The formula evaporates over time but, depending on room temperature and conditions, the Reed Diffuser remains fragrant for approximately 75 days. After that, it can be discarded.

An attractive glass bottle
200 ml of diffuser oil
10 reed sticks 
Bottle Collar
Shelf Life: 2.5 months (approximately)
(Note: Always store the products in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight.)

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Scented Reed Diffuser White Jasmine
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