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The Romantic Charm of Fragrances and Aromas

by Rosemoore House 08 Feb 2021

Love, probably the most fierce, strongest, and purest feeling on earth. Nothing is more beautiful than when two people attracted to each other meet. The feeling is out of the world. It can redefine the idea of surrealism and can invoke a transcendental understanding, where one feels that he/she is out of this world

However, an everlasting and ethereal idea such as love is also large, vast, and all-encompassing. It is not just about the two individuals (or lovebirds), who share deep passion. Love is a ubiquitous idea, where the ambiance plays a very major role.

Just think of so many beautiful things from our daily life that add so much flavour and charm to the idea of love. The sizzling cup of a hotly brewed morning coffee, the beautiful Mitti Ki Khusboo (soil’s smell) after the rain, the cool breeze flowing across the river, the green hillside with its sprinkling spring, the clay pot with its earthy aroma, the bustling shopping complex with a pool of people swarming around, a nice glass of wine with a beautiful book, and the list goes on.

Out of everything that makes love a highly prized experience, aromas and fragrances have their own pristine position. After all, our olfactory bulbs are directly linked to the emotional parts of the brain which are responsible for most of our sweet experiences and memories. This is also one of the reasons it is often said, “Nothing in the world smells like a person who you love!”

This is also one of the reasons flowers have been one of the most popular symbols of love in most of the major cultures in the world. It is not about their beautiful and soft look but also the fresh fragrances they produce. Not just floral fragrances, but also spicy, wooden, and citrusy aromas can add a lot to a beautiful love story.

The damp wooden smell of Oud can give someone an uplifting mood. The fresh and enlivening lemongrass can render a very refreshing feel. The sweet but sensuous White Jasmine can add an extra feather to the passion of love. The sweet and relaxing aroma of Lavender, which is also an integral part of many personal care products, symbolizes a very calm and serene love. For Rose, probably words will fall short when describing how these beautiful flowers can add up to the feeling of love. The very image of a Rose conjures an image of a beautiful love story. Such is its charm that from the mystic spiritual love to the desire driven passion invoking love, the sweet and soothing aroma of Rose is a witness to all.

Fragrances share a very interesting, intriguing, and exciting bond with the feeling of love. From invoking our emotions to changing our mood to create a beautiful atmosphere conducive for love, fragrances can do a lot to kindle romance and play a major role in a love story.

So this Valentine day, let’s celebrate love with Rosemoore, India’s leading English home fragrance brand. We specialize in top-quality English home fragrances that are brought painstakingly from various parts of the world. Our authentic, distinguished, and long lasting, products can make the experience of love much more enchanting and appealing.

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