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Fragrance of the Month- What Makes Lavender one of the Most Sought After Fragrances Worldwide

by Rosemoore House 02 Dec 2020

Lavender is today one of the most valued and prized aromas around the world. The enchanting aroma, which is believed to be originated in the high lands of India, today is grown all over the world- from Mediterranean islands to Europe to African countries to the Latin American nations. Lavender is known for its sweet and distinct aroma, which is soothing as well as intoxicating at the same time. This old-world aroma has its unique appeal, which differentiates it from other popular aromas.

History of Lavender

  • Much is not known about the first usage of lavender. However, when mummies of Egyptian kings were excavated in 1922, it had the smoldering smell of lavender, indicating that it has been used for 3,000 years at least.
  • The Greeks used them to battle insomnia. They used pillows stuffed with lavender flowers to make them fall asleep faster.
  • Romans used lavender as a scent and for bathing purposes.
  • Lavender has been mentioned in biblical texts as one of the holy scents.
  • Queen Victoria loved lavender. There are other members of the royal fraternity, who were lavender aficionados. Queen Cleopatra was also fond of lavender.


  • Lavender is known for its sweet & distinct floral aroma.
  • It also has woody undertones
  • It is peaceful & mood smoothening
  • It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • It has a stress-relieving property

General Applications

  • Lavender is widely used in home décor and home fragrance products such as sprays, candles, diffusers, sachets etc.
  • It is used in shampoos, foams, bath soaps, and numerous other personal care products
  • Although many believe lavender to be a little feminine in nature, this is not true. The sweet and distinct charm of lavender is used in numerous men's care products such as soap, lotion, aftershave, etc.
  • Sniffing lavender can reduce stress, anxiety, and refreshes the mind and body.
  • Using a lavender aroma in your bedroom can be very helpful in giving you a very peaceful and relaxed sleep.
  • Its calming aromas are believed to be good for pets as well

Home décor & Lifestyle

  • Lavender fragrance can be used on linens, bedsheets, and curtains to give your home a fresh and soothing aroma.
  • It can be used in the kitchen and washrooms to cull bad odours.
  • The enchanting and sweet lavender aroma is finding a lot of usages these days in office desks, work stations, and receptions. After all, sniffing a good aroma can positively impact your productivity.
  • Since ancient times lavender is used in cupboards and drawers to mask the bad smell and keep things fresh.
  • Lavender is an integral part of the modern hospitality industry.

Rosemoore’s lavender Blue Home Fragrance Products

At Rosemoore we take special pride in creating some of the most enchanting and distinct aromas. We understand in the modern world home fragrances are just not about lifestyle and home décor but also an extension of one’s unique persona. Where ever you are- home, car, or office space, your unique aroma carries your personality in style.

Our unique lavender Blue is one of the finest specimens of lavender aroma, made through tremendous research and painstaking efforts.

  • Scented reed diffusers that can be seamlessly used in your living rooms, office, study
  • Easy to use a multipurpose room spray
  • Scented car spray to give you a refreshing mind while driving
  • Scented sacks that be kept in the kitchen, drawers, cupboards, etc.
  • Scented candles products perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones after a tiring day
  • Rosemoore lavender products come in beautiful packaging making them a great gift item.
  • Scented Pot Pourri to give a natural and elegant aroma.

About The Fragrance of the Month

The fragrance of the month is a unique initiative by Rosemoore, India’s leading English Home Fragrance brand, to spread awareness about home fragrances and how it can enhance your lifestyle, home décor and home ambience. Today home fragrances & aromas are becoming indispensable lifestyle products in modern Indian households. Yet, little is known about various kinds of aromas, their features, and their usages. The fragrance of the week is a small initiative to spread more awareness about home fragrances. So enjoy reading and feel free to come up with your feedback and inputs.

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