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Scented Wooden Balls White Jasmine

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A heady and sensual blend of rich, night blooming jasmine, warm tuberose and voluptuous red rose.

Wooden balls are a popular method for creating a long-lasting fragrance from a lovely, natural product. The balls are made of birch wood and then steeped in scented oil. They can be used in a number of ways, including as an alternative to pot pourri in shallow bowls or in drawers. They can also be placed on a working desk or in living rooms to give a refreshing aroma. Soaked into the bold notes of Aroma oils, they can effortlessly stroll you into the world of timeless fragrance.

These balls are aesthetically vivacious besides summoning an empowering scent all around. They can seamlessly fit in your surroundings and are very convenient to use. There is no fire nor electricity needed. All you need is to place these beautifully crafted balls of olfactory indulgence into the place of your choice. And these balls would not fail to mesmerize you.

Pack of 10 balls

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Scented Wooden Balls White Jasmine
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