Scented Tea Lights Lemongrass

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A mouth watering and fresh lemon, with zingy lime and uplifting citrus notes, and a heart of spicy mountain pepper. 

Spice up your life with simple yet stylish Lemon Grass Scented Tea Lights from Rosemoore. Tea lights are basically small and tubular candles. The scented candles sparkle like stars setting the right ambiance for conventional candle light culture. They can be paired with a decorative holder and lantern.

Lemongrass is a mood uplifting scent. It works very well for freshening up any space. The spicy Scented Tea Lights Lemongrass has beautiful glow, and the scent is sure to enchant you. The pack of lemon yellow hued candles comes in clear cups with little feet so as to avoid it from passing on heat onto surface where placed.
The exquisite candles can be used in multiple ways with decorative holders and lanterns, and are perfectly used for a luminous and fragrant glow. Perfect for festivals like New Year, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, et al. Lemongrass Tea Light Candles revive the old school candle light culture.
Each pack contains 9 tea lights
Burn Time - 3 Hours
(Note: Don’t place tea lights near flammable objects like curtains, fabrics or directly on wooden surfaces to avoid accidents.)

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Scented Tea Lights Lemongrass
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