Scented Tea Lights Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime

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A zesty fragrance, blending sweet lime and fresh lemon with a touch of uplifting eucalyptus and a heart of magnolia, on a sweet resinous base.

Make all your friends go green with envy with Rosemoore’s Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime Scented Tea Lights. Tea lights are basically small and cylindrical candles. The citrus smelling scented fancy candles illuminate the house with enchanting ambiance. The beautiful candles ignite your senses with its citrusy fragrance and eventually liven up the room. They can be paired with a holder and lantern.

Eucalyptus is cherished for its invigorating appeal. It is steamed distilled from the grey green leaves, oozing a fresh fragrance. Kaffir Lime adds to its freshness. This citrus Scented Tea Lights Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime bestow warmth to any space. The pack of green hued candles comes in clear cups with little feet  to avoid it from passing on heat onto the surface where placed.
The stunning ornamental candles can be used extensively with holders and lanterns, and are ideally used for a luminous and fragrant glow. Perfect for festivals like Valentine’s Day, New Year, Diwali, Easter, Christmas et al. Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime Tea Light Candles revive the traditional candle light culture. 
Each pack contains 9 tea lights
Burn Time - 3 Hours
(Note: Don’t place tea lights near flammable objects like curtains, fabrics or directly on wooden surfaces to avoid accidents.) 

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Scented Tea Lights Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime
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