Scented Room Spray Lavender Blue

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  • An aromatic herbal lavender fragrance with white floral notes of lily and sweeter notes of freesia, enriched with hints of amber and sweet woody notes.
  • It has sweet, floral, and a bit of camphorous undertones.
  • Available in a 100 ml spray, it can promote wellbeing and calmness.
    Rs. 552.00
  • Made with English Lavender, it has sweet, floral, and a bit of camphorous undertones, which are augmented with other prominent floral notes of lily and freesia. The flowery notes are anchored with amber and sweet woody notes, adding intensity to the mix.

    Used in sprays, it does not require any socket or plug-in is a very safe way to disseminate lavender aroma in your rooms, offices, cloaks, workstation, closets, etc. Sprays are a very portable, flexible, and effortless way to generate your favorite aroma. Simply spray the aroma and if possible close the doors and windows so that the aroma stays within. 

    It is also a great substitute for candles and burners, as it does not require fire or heat and hence is suitable in homes with kids and pets.

    The Rosemoore spray comes in an elegantly designed 100 ml package. A chic product, it is also a thoughtful gift for a host of occasions, celebrations, and family functions.

    It should be stored in cool spaces and sunlight should be avoided. Exposure to sunlight can cause the ingredients to lose their color and ultimately their sheen and fragrance. So always, store your products in cool, dry places away from sunlight.


    • 100 ml of spray

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    Scented Room Spray Lavender Blue
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