Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil Driftwood

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Rs. 1,032.00

A modern musky fragrance with powdery floral elements enriched by soft and clean white wood notes, with a woody musk base.

Glorify the ambience of your space with this Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil Driftwood from Rosemoore. Refresh your environs with luxurious woody driftwood fragrance. At first smell, the aroma serves up blended notes of florals and musk for an unusual and exclusive touch. A perfect choice as light as spring and summer fragrance.

Driftwood Reed Diffuser Refill Oil is the most fun of all the musky aromas. It is a happy jumble of powdery floral elements deepened by soft and clean white wood notes all resting on a woody musky base. This light hearted scent flaunts its musky aroma, making it a memorable fragrance that can only be described as charming.
Driftwood Reed Diffuser Oil is the diffuser formula which is usually bought for refilling the empty glass bottle of the old diffuser or for creating your own diffuser with the beautiful range of vases from Rosemoore which is available in various shapes and colours.
The Driftwood Fragrance Oil is the soul of its diffuser and comes in a white and blue hued stylish bottle. This musky floral fragrant oil is incredibly affordable.
  • 200 ml of diffuser oil

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Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil Driftwood
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