Scented Burner Oil - Ready to Use 1 Litre White Jasmine

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Rs. 1,992.00

Rosemoore’s White Jasmine is a heady and distinctive floral aroma,  designed for aroma lovers who like strong floral fragrances. It has sensual blends of rich, night-blooming jasmine, intelligently mixed with warm tuberose and voluptuous red rose to create floral magic. It is sweet yet not too delicate. The bold notes of white jasmine continue to make a statement, yet the tuberose and red rose also render reassuring depth to the overall combination.

Using an oil burner is an easy way to disperse the fragrance in your home, living areas, office spaces, hotel rooms, etc. Unlike a conventional oil burner, an electric burner uses electricity to operate and is convenient to use. These burners require water and some drops of oil to operate. The Rosemoore burners, which are elegantly designed, also make a stylish add-on to your home décor.

White Jasmine burners from Rosemoore offer a stimulating aroma that improves mood and relieves the mind. When sniffed these powerful floral notes can positively affect the brain and alter the mood state making the person feel more positive, energized, and relaxed. These heady notes are also arousing and can make you feel more romantic.

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Scented Burner Oil - Ready to Use 1 Litre White Jasmine
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