Scented Burner Oil - Ready to Use 1 Litre Lavender Blue

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Rs. 1,992.00

The signature home aroma from Rosemoore is made with the help of premium English lavender. It is soothing as well as intoxicating at the same time, creating a unique essence.

It has sweet, floral, and a bit of camphorous undertones, which are augmented with other prominent floral notes of lily and freesia. The flowery notes are anchored with amber and sweet woody notes, adding intensity to the mix.

Using an oil burner is an easy way to disperse fragrances in your home, living areas, office spaces, hotel rooms, etc. Unlike a conventional oil burner, an electric burner uses electricity to operate and is convenient to use. These burners require water and some drops of oil to operate. The Rosemoore burners, which are elegantly designed, also make a stylish add-on to your home décor.

Lavender Blue offers a very relaxing and peaceful aroma with a vivacious appeal. It has the power to evoke sweet memories and stroll you into a world of romanticism. Lavender Blue promotes calmness and physical wellbeing. It can reduce general restlessness and aids in peaceful sleep.

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Scented Burner Oil - Ready to Use 1 Litre Lavender Blue
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