Porcelain Oil Burners

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Rs. 952.00

Indulge in a fragrant world of aroma by vaporizing Rosemoore-scented oils. Add a few drops of your favorite Rosemoore scented oil and water on the top, light a tea light on the saucer, close and just relax. The water and oil evaporate as steam, letting the aroma of the oil fill the room or the area with subtle yet profound fragrances of your choice.

Rosemoore Porcelain Burners are crafted with great passion. They are elegantly designed and can richly enhance the overall look of the interiors. Special attention has been given to ensuring the fragrant oil is seamlessly spread, thereby creating a mesmerizing impact. The Porcelain Oil Burners by Rosemoore can be used in living rooms, dining spaces, hotels & spas, showrooms, etc. It can also be used in office lobbies, foyer areas, and entryways to create a magical aromatic charm and give the office a unique brand positioning.

The ceramic oil burners are creamish in colour and are derived from Tephrite which is an igneous, volcanic rock, with aphanitic to porphyritic texture. You can also use it just as a votive and it will cast an enjoyable glow on its surroundings.

Like most of the products from Rosemoore, the Oil Burner is also a delectable gifting item and be used for multiple purposes.

(Note: Do not leave a tea light candle burning unsupervised. Let the oil burner or tea light holder cool down before touching)

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Porcelain Oil Burners
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