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Scented Burner Oil - Ready to Use 1 Litre Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime

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Rosemoore’s Eucalyptus and Kaffir Lime is a bright olfactory composition. It is an enlivening aroma highly suitable for bright and warm climates. It is composed of a refreshing fusion of sweet lime & fresh lemon with eucalyptus, giving it a zesty and citrous appeal. Both lime and eucalyptus pair exceptionally well. Hints of magnolia have been added to balance the aroma. Magnolia has subtly delved into lime and eucalyptus, thereby creating a perfect fusion. It is a complex sweet aroma that is reminiscent of sparkling champagne or freshly picked fruit or a bouquet of flowers.

Using the fragrance in an oil burner is an easy way to disperse the fragrance in your home, living areas, office spaces, hotel rooms, etc. Unlike a conventional oil burner, an electric burner uses electricity to operate and is convenient to use. These burners require water and some drops of oil to operate. The Rosemoore burners, which are elegantly designed, also make a stylish add-on to your home décor.

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Scented Burner Oil - Ready to Use 1 Litre Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime
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