Scented Pot Pourri White Mulberry


A sophisticated, festive fragrance of elegant mulberry enriched with a smooth base of patchouli, nutmeg and vanilla.

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Product Description

Add a dash of sophistication to your senses with the elegant Scented Potpourri White Mulberry by Rosemoore. Potpourri is a combination of dried, naturally aromatic flowers and leaves, used to emit natural scent within any space. The fragrant set exudes a charming appeal. The soft and sweet potpourri fills the room with mulberry & vanilla scents that refreshes everyone's mood and sets the ambiance.
The classy and addictive mulberry is fresh and inviting. Graced for festivities, this unique scent uplifts the mood. Each fragrance starts with a suave base of patchouli, nutmeg and voluptuous vanilla layers capture the mood, memory and moment in time. Exquisitely designed Potpourri White Mulberry Fragrance is lavishly packed topping your gifting list.
The festive White Mulberry Scented Aroma Potpourri is carefully blended with scent to produce a long-term product that not only smells addictive but looks irresistible too. It can also be recreated with Rosemoore Scented Oil. Simply place it into a bag, spray on some drops of oil and gently blend.
220 Grams of Potpourri (approximately)
Shelf Life – 4 Months (it can be refreshed after 1.5 months simply by adding few drops of scented oil according to your preference)
(Note: It cannot be cleaned or washed and starts looking dirty with the dust settling on it. Recommended to be replaced every 4 months because excess dust and pollution in the environment reduces its shelf life.)

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