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Scented sachet Amber & w.musk

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  • A comforting and gentle fragrance with soft floral notes of jasmine petals, rose and lily enhanced by spicy amber and cedar, on a bed of white musks.
  • It is a very refreshing and comforting aroma.
  • Available in sachet pack, it is very easy-to-use and versatile. It can be hung from the doorknob or placed inside the bag, laundry hamper, or cupboard.
    Rs. 261.00
  • Amber with White Musk is a sweet and sultry aroma. It has gentle, soft, and subtle floral notes of jasmine, lily, and rose. The clean floral notes give it a very fresh appeal. To create a mesmerizing contrast, these floral aromas have been enhanced by the warmth and spiciness of amber and cedar.  As a base note, white Musk is used, which further gives it an unprecedented depth and lingering appeal. Musk makes it warm, spicy, and woodsy.

    These sachets can be hung from doorknobs in your home and they will give incessant, spontaneous fragrance to the surroundings. The sachet can be placed inside the almirah and it will keep the belongings clean and fresh. Similarly, tuck them inside the shoe rack and it will cull any bad odor.

    The sachets can be hung from the doorknob and it will help you with focused mindset and do your work efficiently.  The sachets can also be used in travel. It can be kept inside the seats or hung from the car ceiling. 

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    Scented sachet Amber & w.musk
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