Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil 1 Litre Vanilla Creme

Rs. 4,890.00  (inclusive of all taxes)
Rs. 4,890.00
  • Fragrance - Vanilla Creme
  • Sweet and delicious, a mouth watering ensemble of creamy, rich intense black vanilla pod smothered in rich notes of caramel and buttery, sweet musks.

  • Size - 1 Litre

  • Fragranced refill oil has a versatile use. You can use the 200 ml fragrance oil as a refill pack for scented reed diffuser, and it is also highly recommended for aroma diffusers. All you have to do is add few drops of fragrance oil with water to diffuse fragrance in your surroundings.
  • Rosemoore is an English home fragrance brand which is already a success in the UK and Europe. It was brought into India by Renaissance Creations Pvt. Ltd.. combines the finest, exclusive Rosemoore fragrances with high quality scented products, all packaged beautifully and designed to every room in the home.

Keep your space aromatic with this Scented Reed Diffuser refill Vanilla Creme from Rosemoore. Impart a rich intense aroma into your home with this diffuser refill. The package consists of reed sticks that absorb the scented oil and dissipate fragrance in the air that stays for long. The notes of vanilla linger for a long time crafting a mouth watering fragrance. Unapologetically classy with a touch of pure lavishness. Powerfully magnificent, Vanilla Creme Scented Reed Diffuser refill is a true blend of craftsmanship. With such a treasured ingredient it would redefine fragrances for you.

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Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil 1 Litre Vanilla Creme
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