Scented Pot Pourri Egyptian Cotton

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Clean and cool, this fresh, floral accord has notes of soft musks and powdery ozone on a base of clean white woods with a hint of sweetness.

Amuse your senses with the sensual and mysterious aroma of Scented Potpourri Egyptian Cotton by Rosemoore. Potpourri is a blend of dried, naturally aromatic flowers and leaves, used to render natural scent within any space. It refurbishes peace of mind and also induces sound sleep. Flaunt your aesthetic appeal with this which is also ultimate for gifting.
Egyptian Cotton Scented Potpourri represents a choice to form your own path to happiness. Finished with the treasured ingredients, the fragrance entwines the elegance of floral accord with the base of clean white woods with a dash of sweetness. With powdery ozone laced in soft musky notes, this is one of the playful cocktails.
The suave Potpourri Egyptian Cotton Fragrance is carefully blended with fragrance to produce a long-term product that not only smells delightful but looks amazing too. It can also be renewed with Rosemoore Scented Oil. It is recommended to place the odorous set into a bag, splash on some drops of oil and gently blend.
• 220 Grams of Potpourri (approximately)
• Shelf Life – 4 Months (it can be refreshed after 1.5 months simply by adding few drops of scented oil according to your preference)
(Note: It cannot be cleaned or washed and starts looking dirty with the dust settling on it. Recommended to be replaced every 4 months because excess dust and pollution in the environment reduces its shelf life.)
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Scented Pot Pourri Egyptian Cotton
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