Scented Home Fragrance Oil Lemongrass

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A mouth watering and fresh lemon, with zingy lime and uplifting citrus notes, and a heart of spicy mountain pepper. 

Revamp your life by using this Scented Home Fragrance Oil Lemon Grass oil at your home. It would gradually permeate its effervescent and citrus fragrance to fade away all the stress. Deepened with balanced ingredients, the aroma of lemon grass is sure to compose your feelings. Revel in serenity around you with this fragranced oil from Rosemoore. It comes in a fashionable bottle.
Lemon Grass Fragrance Oil offers a new mesmerising and addictive bloom based on the bond of exquisite citrus notes— mouth-watering and fresh lemon with zingy lime. A touch of citrus notes uplifts all over. It is laid on a heart of spicy mountain pepper. The appealing and enticing scent of refreshing lemon is enjoyable to senses and is sure to become your new favourite.
The concentrated oil is packed in a little white and lemon hued bottle which can be used in oil burners, for refreshing potpourri and wooden balls increasing its shelf life. The amount or number of drops of Lemon Grass Scented Oil depends on how strong or mild one likes the fragrance at a particular time.
Each bottle contains 15 ml oil

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Scented Home Fragrance Oil Lemongrass
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