Scented Sack Bergamot & Geranium

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Rs. 312.00

A sophisticated fragrance of bergamot and geranium, enveloped with florals of hyacinth, rose and jasmine on a woody patchouli base.

Embellish the indoors with the bouquet of citrusy flowers packed in the little bag! Rosemoore’s Bergamot & Geranium Home Fragrance adds a floral cum citrus touch to the environs.

Bergamotis the finest of citrus notes whereas geranium is a rosy lemony fragrance. Thus, Scent Sack Bergamot & Geranium complements each either like rainbows and sunshine on the sky. It creates a divine ambiance revitalising your soul.

The enthralling Bergamot & Geranium Scented Sacks of scented beads having a fragrance of Bergamot & Geranium is extremely stimulating. It can easily be hung on door knobs and can be placed in suitcases, drawers, bathrooms, powder rooms, cupboards, lockers, closets, et al for long lasting fragrance and keeping bad odour at bay.

The lovely package of Bergamot & Geranium Fragrant Scent Sack makes it an accessory for decor. It comes in a lemon shade with a ribbon tied around it for an attractive look.

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Scented Sack Bergamot & Geranium
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