Scented Burner Oil - Ready to Use 1 Litre Egyptian Cotton

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Rs. 1,992.00

Egyptian Cotton is a suave and classy aromatic concoction, blending white wood with soft musk. It has a powdery & musky floral accord. It has cotton, which makes the aroma air. Ozone powder is also used, reminding one about the cool breezes flowing on warm summer days. Ozone adds its dewiness to the concoction. Overall, Egyptian cotton is a warm, alluring, and arousing fragrance that lingers for long.

Using an oil burner is an easy way to disperse Egyptian Cotton fragrances in your home, living areas, office spaces, hotel rooms, etc. Unlike a conventional oil burner, an electric burner uses electricity to operate and is convenient to use. These burners require water and some drops of oil to operate. The Rosemoore burners, which are elegantly designed, also make a stylish add-on to your home décor.

Egyptian cotton burners can help in calming the mind and nurturing a peaceful ambiance. It generates positive emotions and promotes overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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Scented Burner Oil - Ready to Use 1 Litre Egyptian Cotton
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