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Scented Car & Travel Spray White Jasmine

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A heady and sensual blend of rich, night blooming jasmine, warm tuberose and voluptuous red rose.

Spritz this Car & Travel Spray White Jasmine by Rosemoore to enliven your space. Packaged in a nifty spray bottle, this fragranced spray offers a delightful fragrance. Its calming notes immediately mask unpleasant smells and create a revitalising atmosphere in your home. This is one of the best floral fragrances as it is casual yet reminiscent, making it a decent option for long journeys.
White Jasmine Car Perfume is an excellent choice. It is a charming and chirpy blend of floral notes, resonating opulence. With night blooming jasmine, warm tuberose and voluptuous red rose it has oodles of playfulness, ideal for easy summer days as its bloom is a new addition to the beat the heat. The innovative blend is sure to make you relish your journeys.
White Jasmine Car Freshener Spray provides an instant burst of fragrance to your car or area where product is sprayed. It can be used to cheer up your cars and closets, especially when you are travelling and there are external areas where you want to party, there is odour of food, when you are travelling et al. Simply splash in the area you want and if possible close all doors and windows of car so the cologne is enclosed within the space.
10 ml of spray
(Note: Always store the product in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight.)

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Scented Car & Travel Spray White Jasmine
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