Scented Car & Travel Spray Bergamot & Geranium

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Rs. 120.00

A sophisticated fragrance of bergamot and geranium, enveloped with florals of hyacinth, rose and jasmine on a woody patchouli base.

Impart your living space an appealing aroma with this Car & Travel Spray Bergamot & Geranium from Rosemoore. Lend your journey with an attractive fragrance of this spray. It is an opus of dualities, and the floral fragrance is laid on a woody base. The natural ingredients triumph over as joyful top notes burst with the freshness.
This high-end fragrance creates a manifold signature of grace. The freshness of bergamot and geranium welcomes you into this cheeky fragrance, merging in the classic notes with florals. Outstanding and positive notes follow with a sophisticated combination of hyacinth, rose and jasmine. The base evokes the eventual woody patchouli essences. Once pooled, Bergamot & Geranium Car Perfume is an elegant, one-of-a kind melange of hearts.
Bergamot & Geranium Car Freshener Spray provides an instant burst of fragrance to your car or area where the product is sprayed. It can be used to refresh your cars and closets, especially when you are travelling and there are external areas where you want to party, there is odour of food, when you are travelling et al. Simply spray in the area you want and if possible close all doors and windows of car so the bouquet is enclosed within the space.
10 ml of spray
(Note: Always store the product in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight.)
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Scented Car & Travel Spray Bergamot & Geranium
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