Scented Tea Lights Blue Oud

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Rs. 490.00

A smooth fragrance with cool bergamot and lavender, enhanced by basil and geranium, a heart of warm spice, on a sumptuous base of patchouli and tonka.

Blue is the privileged hue as the colour is associated with regal culture, so is Rosemoore’s Blue Oud Scented Tea Lights. They brighten up your aura with their beaming flicker. Tea lights are basically small and cylinder-shaped candles. The new age candle have mushroomed the trend of fancy candles as it’s not just pleasing to the eyes but also to the nose. It can be paired with a holder and lantern.

The sweet & woody smelling oud is considered as liquid gold in the fragrance industry. With its innovative infusion of bergamot, lavender, basil and geranium, Scented Tea Lights Blue Oud intoxicates you from the first sniff. The fragrance invokes a feeling of tranquillity, and is pleasing. The pack of blue hued candles comes in clear cups with little feet to avoid it from passing on heat onto the surface where placed.

The fancy candles can be used in a wide range of candle holders and lanterns, and are best used for a soft and pretty glow. Perfect for festivals like New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Diwali, Christmas, et al. Blue Oud Tea Light Candles reinvent the conventional candle light culture.

• Each pack contains 9 tea lights
• Burn Time - 3 Hours

(Note: Don’t place tea lights near flammable objects like curtains, fabrics or directly on wooden surfaces to avoid accidents.)

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Scented Tea Lights Blue Oud
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