Scented Pillar Candle White Jasmine

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  • A heady and sensual blend of rich, night blooming jasmine, warm tuberose and voluptuous red rose.
  • White Jasmine scented pillars candles by Rosemoore is a stimulating aroma that can improve the mood and freshen the mind.
  • With its Peach hues and monochrome, the twin candle looks outstanding when burnt and can help in creating the desirable ambiance.
    Rs. 621.00
  • White Jasmine scented pillar candles from Rosemoore is a heady and sensual blend of rich, night blooming jasmine, warm tuberose and voluptuous red rose. It is a very distinctive aroma that stimulate the mood, make you feel energized and help you enter a relaxed & fresh state of mind.

    An impressive abundance of bouquets that bloom, the fragrance opens with lavish notes of flowers’ blossom with blooming jasmine, warm tuberose and voluptuous red rose. The sensual extravaganza has flowers as its main ingredient thus the candle is known for its floral fragrance. The twin coloured White Jasmine Candles are must have for die-hard romantics.

    It is designed aesthetically to burn with a stable flame, blending fashion with fragrance, captivating one and all with its color, design, and aroma. These candles are interior designers’ favorite as it adds to the décor of the space.

    The Rosemoore pillar candles are highly versatile and can be used in numerous places. You can put the candle in the living room to enjoy a calm and cozy ambiance. The candle can be put on the dining table to enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner. Similarly, it can be placed in the kitchen area to remove bad odor and sparkle the entire space with its sparkling and energizing aroma. One can also place it in numerous other areas such as patio, porch, or deck to decorate the space and give a constant aroma.

    It is also perfect for social occasions like Wedding Ceremonies, House Warming parties, Christmas, Diwali, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc. Never to forget Valentine days and romantic dates as Jasmine always symbolizes romance.

    The urbane candle is hand-poured and scented throughout for a long-lasting fragrance. The candles are long-lasting with a burn time of around 50 hours.



    • Height – 100 mm
    • Diameter – 75 mm
    • Burn Time – 50 Hours

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    Scented Pillar Candle White Jasmine
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