Scented Pot Pourri Driftwood

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A modern musky fragrance with powdery floral elements enriched by soft and clean white wood notes, with a woody musk base.

Present your loved ones with this lovely box of Scented Potpourri Driftwood. Potpourri is a combination of dried, naturally aromatic flowers and leaves, used to render natural scent within any space. The musky aroma is sure to relax you after an exhausting day. This perfumed product by Rosemoore is an unbelievable way to lend your home an enriched ambience.
Driftwood Scented Aroma Potpourri has a whiff that is novel and sensual. The woody musky luxury flaunts its powdery floral elements woven in woody notes. The woody musky base adds to its woody finish that one can’t get over with. Before you fall in love with the aroma, you'll be smitten by the packaging. It exhibits a beautiful look enclosed in a decorated case.
The urbane Potpourri Driftwood Fragrance is carefully blended with perfume to produce a long-term product that not only smells wonderful but looks astonishing too. It can also be renovated with Rosemoore Scented Oil. It can be simply placed into a bag, spray on some drops of oil and gently blend.
220 Grams of Potpourri (approximately)
Shelf Life – 4 Months (it can be refreshed after 1.5 months simply by adding few drops of scented oil according to your preference)
(Note: It cannot be cleaned or washed and starts looking dirty with the dust settling on it. Recommended to be replaced every 4 months because excess dust and pollution in the environment reduces its shelf life.)
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Scented Pot Pourri Driftwood
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