Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil Lemongrass

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Rs. 1,032.00

A mouth watering and fresh lemon, with zingy lime and uplifting citrus notes, and a heart of spicy mountain pepper. 

Fill the stimulating fragrance of lemongrass in your living room with this fabulous reed diffuser refill oil from Rosemoore. Enhance the amusing appeal of your ambience with Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil Lemongrass. In a charismatic scent of lemongrass, it is sure to pacify your senses. It emanates opulence and is an awesome choice for formal evenings.
A new interpretation of freshness, Lemongrass Fragrance Oil combines the unique sparkle with one of the world’s most precious cocktail, for a cherished fragrance that is both new and splendidly aromatic. It interprets a luminous aura with a passionate, effervescent, and radiant combination of fresh lemon and lime zest blend in citrus undertones laced on a heart of spicy mountain pepper. 
Lemongrass Reed Diffuser Refill Oil is the diffuser formula which is usually bought for refilling the empty glass bottle of the old diffuser or for creating your own diffuser with the beautiful range of vases from Rosemoore which is available in various shapes and colours.
The Lemongrass Reed Diffuser Oil is the soul of its diffuser and comes in a white and yellow hued stylish bottle. This citrus-smelling oil is incredibly affordable.
  • 200 ml of diffuser oil

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Scented Reed Diffuser Refill Oil Lemongrass
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