Car & Travel Spray White Tea


Fresh sparkling tea notes overlay a floral heart of sweet freesia, muguet and honeysuckle on a base of sandalwood and cedar.

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Product Description

Unwind instantly with this Car & Travel Spray White Tea from Rosemoore. Refresh your home with this home spray. It comes in a luxurious woody driftwood fragrance. The aromatic earthy scent is sure to elevate the ambience of your interiors. This subtle and sophisticated scent with youthful twist overwhelms the space and is way too glamorous. It flaunts a sleek packaging.
This one is one of the lightest floral aromas that have been fabricated till date. One of Rosemoore’s most graceful and mesmerising. The top notes of fresh sparkling tea notes are refreshing and welcoming, a perfect introduction to the floral heart of sweet freesia, muguet and honeysuckle on the warm base of sandalwood and cedar. White Tea Car Perfume perfectly personifies sensuality.
White Tea Car Freshener Spray provides an instant burst of fragrance to your car or area where product is sprayed. It can be used to liven up your cars and closets, especially when you are travelling and there are external areas where you want to party, there is odour of food, when you are travelling et al. Simply splash in the area you want and if possible close all doors and windows of car so the fragrance is enclosed within the space.
10 ml of spray
(Note: Always store the product in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight.)

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