Car & Travel Spray Egyptian Cotton


Clean and cool, this fresh, floral accord has notes of soft musks and powdery ozone on a base of clean white woods with a hint of sweetness.

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Enhance your living with this Car & Travel Spray Egyptian Cotton from Rosemoore. Indulge your senses in the refreshing scent. The outstanding formulation is easily absorbed by environs thus radiating luxurious ambience. Another sunny and summery floral musky fragrance, it is sunshine captured in the bottle.
Egyptian Cotton Car Perfume releases the essence of soft and sweet musk in a fragrance made of precious and rare ingredients. The clean and cool comfort of floral accord charms the delicate musk and powdery ozone imparting understated magnetism. The fragrance is entwined on a base of clean white woods with a trace of sweetness permeating a long lasting fragrance.
Egyptian Cotton Car Freshener Spray provides an instant burst of fragrance to your car or area where product is sprayed. It can be used to brighten your cars and closets, especially when you are travelling and there are external areas where you want to party, there is odour of food, when you are travelling et al. Simply sprinkle in the area you want and if possible close all doors and windows of car so the smell is enclosed within the space.
10 ml of spray
(Note: Always store the product in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight.)

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