Aroma Diffuser Feather Grass


Aroma diffuser is an elegant way to fragrance any room with its soft plume of scented vapour. The ultrasonic technology offers a safe, clean, flame and smoke-free method to create fragranced atmospheres in a wide variety of places.

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Product Description

Aroma Diffuser Feather Grass is a sophisticated way to aromatise any room with its soft plume of fragrant vapour. The ultrasonic technology creates a safe & clean flame and smoke-free method to create fragrant environs in a wide variety of spaces.
The electric aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic frequencies to create vibrations in water, that further creates a fine mist of water and essential oils that is emitted into the air. Since it is prepared to use water, it is often used by some people in the winter to humidify dry air and have a relaxing experience.
This electric fragrance diffuser is a show stopper as it is intricately designed with a feminine touch. This art décor product not only embellishes your space but also fragrances it enough to add a welcoming appeal to your house. It is one of the best picks for gifting.
To stimulate, simply add water and a few drops of your desired Rosemoore fragrant oil, turn on the electric diffuser, and the scent will be emitted instantly. Pick the fragrance that suits your mood, and be refreshed as the plume of vapour diffuses the oil thereby releasing the fragrance.
The diffuser also acts as a mini humidifier, adding moisture to the air, and the optional choice of mood lighting enhances the relaxing experience. In the home, electric room diffuser can be used in living areas, bedrooms, kitchens and halls. In public places, it can be used in offices, restaurants & hotels, spas & treatment rooms and retail outlets.
  • Stylish design
  • No heat, flame or smoke
  • Safety auto shut off
  • Mini humidifier
  • Use with Rosemoore scented oil
  • Dimensions: 118x166 mm
  • Power: 8W
  • Voltage: 100~240V
  • Water Capacity: 110 ml
How to use?
This device operates on ultrasonic vibration to transmute water into mist. 
  • On pressing the first time, mist is emanated continuously for 3 hours.
  • On pressing the second time, mist is emanated on for 6 hours (switches on/off every 15 seconds).
  • On pressing the third time, it turns off.
It has warm white colour LED light and gives a beautiful plume of fragrant vapour when activated.
The machine will automatically turn off when the water is finished to protect the device. This protects it from being burnt or broken. The machine will automatically turn off in case of abnormal overheating; this function prevents shell deformation caused by high temperature. Pair it up with Rosemoore scented oil to fragrance the area. This may have some humidification effect.
  • Do not operate without water.
  • Avoid any spillage of water by keeping the unit upright at all times. Make sure the water tank is emptied when unit is not in use.         Pour water out from side of machine. Do not pour from the air outlet.
  • Normal misting will occur only when there is sufficient amount of water in the tank.
  • Note that misting creates damp humidification. Do not place the unit on any surface that may become damaged by water. Should       any spillage occur, please wipe up immediately.
  • Unplug unit when not in use.
Care & Maintenance
 1  Always unplug the Adapter from any device before performing maintenance. First remove from the wall outlet, and then unplug          the DC end.
 2. Gently remove any mineral deposits from the mist outlet. Use small cotton swab or soft cloth. The mist outlet should not come            into contact with any hard objects.
 3. Rinse the unit with clean water and dry completely with a soft clean cloth before storing.
 4. For frequent use, change water daily.
 5. Do not use any liquid solvents to clean the electronic components as they may damage the unit.
 6. Caution: While pouring fragranced or scented oil, please ensure zero spillage on the plastic component as it would lead to                  sticking, staining, corrosion, discolouration of the product, thus hampering its functioning. Thus, we will not be liable for any                replacements.

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